Covid-19 Policies

We are happy to offer in person learning this year with smaller classes at Chabad. The following are the precautions and procedures we will be implementing to ensure everyone's health and safety. 

1. Health Screening: Prior to sending your child every Sunday, we will ask you to review a quick checklist that tells us that your child is fever-free and has not been in contact with anyone with COVID19. If your child has symptoms or has been exposed, we will ask you to wait until your child is tested or the symptoms resolve and are most likely not COVID19. (Before coming back to school we will need to discuss with our school physician on a case by case basis).

2. Mask Wearing: We ask all our students to come to school wearing masks. Teachers will wear masks with a clear window to help students better understand the teacher. When indoors, masks need to be worn. We will utilize our outdoor area for learning and snacks as much as possible when weather permits. 

3. Social Distancing: We will be keeping each class as separate as possible from the other groups. We will be seating them 2 meters apart from one another. Children will receive individual packs of supplies, and we will sanitize any shared supplies between uses. Food snacks will be individually packaged. We ask that you send your own water bottle every Sunday with your child.  

4. Hand Hygiene: We will have sanitizer in each classroom. Children will sanitize their hands upon entry and throughout the morning. We will wash hands with soap and water before snack. 

5. Arrival and Dismissal: Parents will not be allowed to enter the building. We ask that you stay 2 meters from one another when dropping off. (Please be mindful of others and stay a distance when dropping off and picking up.) A staff member will be at the door to welcome each child one at a time. At this time your child's temperature will be taken and hands sanitized. 

6. Increased Cleaning: Teachers will be given a spray and wipes to constantly wipe the shared surfaces in the classroom.