Rabbi Tzali & Chana Borenstein Chana & Rabbi Tzali Borenstein

Rabbi Tzali Borenstein, was born and raised in the heart of the Crown Heights Jewish community in Brooklyn NY, USA home of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the world headquarters of Chabad Lubavitch. 

Growing up in this environment, from a young age he already had a passion to teach and inspire, every Friday he would go to Manhattan, where he would meet many unaffiliated Jews and talk to them about the beauty of our heritage. 

He studied for four years in the Oholei Torah Talmudic Seminary in Brooklyn, NY. Rabbi Tzali then went to further his studies in Paris and Jerusalem.

He completed studying for his Rabbinical degree at Yeshivas Ohr Elchanan Chabad in Los Angeles. He received his Rabbinical degree by the renowned Rabbi D. Schochet, head of the Beth Din of Toronto, as well as Rabbi D. Schmuckler from the Kolel Menachem in Los Angeles. 

Throughout his years in Yeshiva, Rabbi Tzali used his spare time aiding and running many Jewish educational outreach programs throughout Los Angeles and New York. He spent a year working with the Jewish community in Pacific Palisades, California, implementing  adult, teen and children programs.
For Chana, growing up on the front lines of Shlichus, she had only one dream. One day she would be a Shlucha and open her own chabad house. As a child she already inspired her father’s congregation, and was very involved in all the activities in Chabad of Hamilton Ont.
She was educated in the Beis Chomesh Toronto High School. For higher education she attended Ohel Chana Teachers Seminary , Melbourne Australia,  where she learned early educational skills as well as Adult Educational skills and ran many community programs. She has been involved in a great array of outreach programs in Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne and Hamilton to mention just a few. 

She spent two years working for Chabad of California as a preschool teacher and program coordinator.   Her warm and caring character is apparent just after a short encounter with her, and she is loved and admired by anyone she comes in contact with. Intelligent yet humble she always has aw ay of making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Ever since they were married, they began setting the groundwork to build a most vibrant Jewish community in the Durham Region. With their warm smiles and non-judgemental attitude, they will visit many homes and celebrate the Jewish Holidays with the community. Together, with their son Zalman (born Oct. 2008), their daughter Pearl (born Nov. 2010)  their Daughter Chaya (born Nov. 2012) their son Yossi (born Feb. 2015) their daughter Binah (born Jan. 2017), son Mendel (born Feb. 2019) and daughter Liba (Born Feb. 2021) the Borenstein's form a most powerful team that will bring warmth and happiness to  friends, families and the community around them.